Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My Mom's Passion, Knitting!

Inspired by the beautiful knitting over at My Bit of Earth, I decided to post my mom's latest gifts to us. With regard to my last post about passions: knitting is definitely my mother's passion lately. In the last 3 years or so, she has taught herself to be one of the best knitters I have ever seen. Here we are in cold Massachusetts, and I get to wear cozy handmade hats, gloves, scarves and sweaters every day.

Here are my daughter's newest scarf and gloves. I love the heart that matches the ruffles on the cuff of the opposite glove. She likes the pattern with 2 fingers and the mitten. (Sorry about the colors, I have to figure out how to correct them.)

My son's scarf has beautiful cables and my mom's label which reads, "Made with love in every stitch by Grandma R"

My latest scarves and gloves. The wool on the blue one has tiny beads on it. The multicolor scarf is the softest wool with matching silk fringe. Gorgeous. Thank you so much mom!


Meryl said...

I love that purple lacy scarf--such a pretty pattern! It's awesome that your Mom likes to knit for you. I'm the only knitter in my family, so I have to make the time to knit for myself!

rosalyn said...

What a surprise to see all these projects. Knitting has become one of my passions. I am so happy all of you can enjoy my passion along with me. Thank you for the beautiful display.

heather said...

that is inspiring that your mom hs learned to knit this well in three years. i look at cables and feel like it is rocket science. mmmmm. and that is neat how our family photos are really so similar in the background. much love.