Thursday, January 28, 2010

Psyching Up to Get Strong

For those of you who like the video I linked to on Light and Macaroni, here is another one of my favorites. I found it while looking for ways to stretch my back when I was in a lot of pain last year. This was NOT the way, but I love it. It's not professional and a little hard to hear, but very inspiring. The wonderful Michael Franti sings a song of peace while 2 amazing yoga practitioners demonstrate their skill and strength. I wish I had been at this event, surrounded by the positive energy. I would love to feel this free and strong in my body.

Lately my exercising has consisted of long walks and weekly Zumba. The few times I have tried yoga, I often felt faint. Sometimes the room was too warm or the positions seemed stressful. I would get light headed and have what I imagine a hot flash is like. I don't know why this happens, but something about yoga overwhelms me. I just took a video out of the library about Alexander technique. I'm going to try before the weekend. I want to get more flexible, healthy and strong, but often my willpower lags. Any suggestions?

"One for the Lorax who speaks for the trees."

Later this day: Proud of myself. Followed through. Did First Lesson Video of Alexander Technique with Jane Kosminsky. Very relaxed right now. Thinking about alignment and floating my head on the spine, keeping the neck soft.


Jack said...

Yay Lorax!

heather said...

wow, i would love to have someone to do bendy stuff like that with....while michael franti sings and plays guitar!! thanks for sharing that!!!

okay, also! my friend christy who just had the baby in hawaii is an alexander teacher. she taught me while she was a student so i got lots of free lessons. it is amazing and i remember walking out of our lesson feeling SO free in my body, in my head and neck especially. she has loved working with max too, and he responds magically, actually, to the technique. i am so glad you were led to this book. release the head and neck....i can hear her saying that to me. i hope you continue to enjoy it.