Thursday, February 4, 2010

Pursuing Lovely Things

Here's my first post relating to A Year of Lovely Things. The idea is to "make a list of simple, fun activities for each week of the year. There’s no pressure if they don’t happen, but how nice if they do!"

I joined this group hoping that it will prod me to find things that make me happy and actually DO them. I am surprised at how much I feel out of my element since we have moved. I thought I would have adjusted better. Instead, I have spent far too much time puttering at home and too little exploring the new places around me, especially since it's been very cold. In fact, when I do explore I often get lost. Last week for instance I took a walk in the woods, I lost track of the trails. Eventually I found a road then called my husband so he could googlemap my way back home. I'd better bring my GPS even when I go walking from now on.

Anyway, today I took a beautiful bowl I made a few years ago out of hiding and filled it with citrus fruits. I have been eating lots of clementines and blood oranges. These are the fruits to savor this time of year, and I am trying to do so.

I'm also heading out to lunch today with a possible new friend. She's a mom from my daughter's Brownie troop. I picked up our Girl Scout cookies at her house the other day and got up the courage to ask her to lunch. (I'm not sure why I need courage to do such things, but making new friends--not just aquaintances--in a new place is hard.) She seems smart, funny and down to earth. I get that feeling that we could be good friends.


Meryl said...

I hadn't seen this before somehow, but it looks like fun. I think I may have to make my own list. (And your bowl of fruit is beautiful!)

heather said...

how did the lunch go? i have a HARD time too with stuff like that. i wish i could fast forward through that awkward part of growing a friendship, but i haven't figured out how. so, how was it?