Monday, February 8, 2010

Lovely Lilting Bubbly Melody

Perhaps I'll make Monday my Lovely Thing of the Week day. My lovely moment is happening right now. Around 5 pm after her Brownie meeting, I got my tired daughter right into the bathtub and helped wash her hair. Although she is 9, I still help her shampoo once in a while to really get out all the soap. She doesn't like getting into the bath, but once there she tends to stay a lonnnngggg time. I came down to clean the kitchen before I mess it up again making dinner.

The lovely thing is hearing her playful voice. I'm listening to her sing songs from The Sound of Music humming with bubbles through the water. What a wonderful sound. She is nine and still like a little child at times. There are already moments of eye-rolling and teenhood slipping into her behavior. I'm trying to savor these lovely innocent playful childlike moments while I can.

I know they will be gone soon enough. My 13-year-old rarely has childlike moments. But occasionally he has mature ones that make me very proud. I'm going to try to catch one of those lovely moments to write about soon.

Later this evening addition: Already a mature moment for a proud mom to write about.

My son was doing some homework on my computer. I erased it accidently because I was not patient. He was annoyed but kept his cool and redid the work without getting angry at me.

Later he brought me something to review and sign for his school. It was a portfolio of his science work so far this year. It included a thoughtful homework lab about the phases of the moon, a geology test, and a lab with labeled drawings of fossils. I am very impressed by his hard work. I let him be responsible for his homework and studying and don't see much of the finished work. Sometimes I am hard on him when I hear that he gets an assignment in late or if his writing is hard to read. But I am very pleased that he showed me these assignments. I am very proud of him for working hard, being responsible and adjusting so well to the expectations and challenges of being a new 8th grader in a new school.

OK now I'm done bragging about my kids, but they are the most lovely things in my life.


Meryl said...

What fun kiddos! (And, hey, I still sing in the shower every morning...)

rosalyn said...

Thank you for sharing these wonderful moments.

perches said...

Such sweet moments, thank you for sharing.

heather said...

i loved reading you bragging about your kids!! it makes me want to do more of the same, actually... uuuugh, and it reminds me how quickly they grow up, and all of a sudden you are cherishing them acting like children! freak me out!!! hey, i thought of you a few times recently because we just watched 'this is it.' mmmm. i love watching him dance. i am so sad that he left so abruptly, with so much obviously left in him. deep exhale. i feel lucky we get to see that footage, though. you know?