Monday, April 5, 2010

Busy, Busy Holiday

Busy, busy holiday. We had friends staying with us for 4 days. We doubled the number of people in our house and doubled the mess. But also doubled the fun. I even ended up hosting an impromptu party for 14 with a few hours notice (with help and not too much expectation).

Day 1: We went to the DeCordova museum. There are wonderful outdoor sculptures and a biennial exhibit inside. A very kind docent gave us a tour. She was wonderful asking questions and explaining the art to the kids.

Renee, P and E (nutches in nitches)

Renee and I in love.
Reading the Lorax in the recycle room. Everything in there is made of recycled paper, wood and fabrics. It's so soft and cozy.

Thank you to this lovely tour guide who was so generous with the kids.

Day 2 in Cambridge around MIT. First lunch at the Miracle of Science Cafe.

Check out the menu based on the Periodic Table.

And a closer look. H for hydrogen is now H for Hamburger, etc.

Then off to the small but oh-so-inspiring MIT museum. It contains exhibits about medical robots, holograms and my favorite, the mechanical art of Arthur Ganson. I have a few still pics, but check out the videos because all his delicate sculptures move and that's the beauty of them.

A dried artichoke leaf takes on wonderful anthropomorphic qualities as it walks the wheel. Video.

This wishbone pulls a wheeled machine back and forth like the end less toil of Sisyphus.

Gears, fine wires, metal rods and paper capture the elegance of flight. Fantastic Video.

Day 3: Spring is here. It was beautiful and in the 70s while we walked the Freedom trail. Friends hanging out at a dry fountain near Boston's Old North Church. (Yes that one - "One if by land and 2 if by Sea".)

Then dinner and Mike's Pastry in the North End. Yum. Thank you friends for the special memories.


Meryl said...

Wow--looks like you guys had a lot of fun! I love the "heart" rocks--such a pretty photo op.

rosalyn said...

Wonderful Pictures