Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Still Here...

I'm still here trying to be inspired by your wonderful blogs. I had a lovely time visiting my mom and old life over vacation. We visited our old school. My daughter spent the day in her old classroom. Since then there have been lots of spontaneous tears missing her friends. I'm in that funk too. I ate lunch at the school with the teachers I used to work with. Everyone was welcoming and warm. I walked in a park with an old friend and it was just like old times. For a few hours I walked right back into my old life.

I'm enjoying some things about being back in my new home though. The lilacs are out. Viburnums and cherries are blossoming. Everything is green and purple and fragrant. I've been taking some photos, but I'm still having computer problems. I hope to get some new photo collages on here soon.

Added photo on May 11:

The yard has gone from the white and yellow of magnolia and daffodil to the pink and purple of lilac and cherry.

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heather said...

hi!! enjoy your flowers. we are about to get a foot and a half of snow starting tomorrow. i can't stand it!@