Monday, April 12, 2010

Lincoln Library

Our town library suffered significant damage in the recent floods. The books were removed from the lower level, but rugs, walls and structure will need repair. It's closed until further notice. Sad, sad.

I am using the opportunity to visit other libraries in the area. A friend had told me to visit the library in Lincoln. And he was right. The original building built in the late 1890 (the same time as parts of our house) has beautiful stone carving and stained glass windows. The modern addition completed 100 years later compliments the older structure in a playful and enlightening way. In many libraries I've visited the children's room is stuck in the basement. This one is on the second floor. It's filled with light and whimsy.

The carved sign on the old building:

The back with the old building section on the left and new on the right.

An amazing twisty tree on the grounds with a typical New England church behind. I have to ask if anyone knows how it got this way.

The teen reading room with beautiful carvings and stained glass fis urnished with bean bags and modern lighting.
I spent quite a while reading here in the the adult magazine/reading room.


heather said...

mmm, libraries relax me. yours, well, the lincoln one, is so beautiful. i love how they made the anew addition. it compliments the old building so well. maybe i'll share the library we visit. that sounds fun. it is SO modern looking on the outside. kind-of weird, but in a good way, i guess. is your home library as beautiful as lincoln?

did you read that article in the ny times that soulemama linked to in her links bar? about the dad and daughter reading streak?

Andrea said...

Sadly, our local library will be closed for months because of recent flooding. It is not as beautiful as Lincoln's but it is one of the oldest in MA. According to it's website, "The Wayland Library was founded in 1848 as the first free public library in Massachusetts. It was the second free public library established in the United States."