Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Computer Woe, Computer Wow

Even after my beloved laptop (5 years old and refurbished when I got it) is gone, we still have 3 computers in the house. My husband's big laptop, an ancient machine in the basement with updated systems and the family games, and a new-to-us Mac from my in-laws. But my kind husband sent me an email yesterday (likely after he saw my last post) asking if I wanted him to order me a new sleek mini laptop with 4 times the power at half the price I had paid for the one 5 years ago.

But my environmental and cheapskate ways led me to answer "no thanks, sweet husband". I am finally figuring out how to use the other ones in the house. I am fretting over how to dispose of the old one in the most environmentally responsible way. And I am patting myself on the back for saying no to the depletion of resources and pollution involved in creating any new machine I would buy.

My son thinks I'm nuts. We were discussing this in the car yesterday. He can't believe I think my not buying a machine will make any difference to the world. (Perhaps it's because he's hoping for one of his own.) He's probably right. We recycle, we get our summer veggies from a CSA, the little beef we eat is from the local farm where cows roam the grassy fields, I try to conserve in big and small ways. But I am one person, we are one family. We are Americans with 2 cars and a 2500 sq foot house. Even at my most efficient I am using more resources than a town of people in the developing world. I see so much waste around me, 6000 sq foot homes, gas guzzling cars, plastic water and soda bottles littering the side of the road. It's hard to know if anything I do makes a difference.

Then last night it all changed. Paging through my New Yorker (yes, The New Yorker) I saw an ad for the SEX AND THE CITY 2 HP Vivienne Tam computer collection. Will Carrie, the Mac girl, be sporting that sexy gold mini computer in the upcoming movie? If I get one will I become a successful bestselling author with the coolest friends, the greatest clothes, the most exciting life? I WANT ONE.

It is challenge to fight against the consumer juggernaut every day. LOL


dccase said...

Did you see that it has a "Compact Mirror" feature?

These are the days of miracle and wonder.

Andrea said...

You know I need that for reapplying lipstick and checking on the status of my tooth whitening procedure.

rosalyn said...

Get the new computer - it will make you happy being able to write your blog wherever you like.
You conserve in so many ways. Because of you - I now try very hard to protect the environment - cousuming much much less !!! - using my tote bags instead of paper - using my Brita filter - etc. The laptop is an item you really were enjoying.

heather said...

that is hilarious!! i want one too. and i am with your son, though. how could you turn that offer down? i have an idea. get yourself the sleek machine, and then make yourself feel better about it by blogging occasionally about third world countries, and share ways people can help out. there ya go. done! tell the man you changed your mind. your son will be so relieved!! and so will you when you start freaking out with joy about how fun a new laptop is. i'm totally with rosalyn.

Andrea said...

By the way Rosalyn is my mom. I'm so lucky she wants me to have everything. The cute SIS computer is $300 move than the same machine without the fancy packaging.