Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Garden at Capacity

Here is one section of our beautiful garden planted by the previous owners. Now it is up to us to maintain and prune. I think part of their reason for moving was that they were getting older, and things that they had been able to keep in check were getting out of control. Bushes that were probably lovely borders when they were 3-4' high and wide are now making pathways narrow and are getting too high to control. There is a clump of raspberries that are difficult to pick because tall grasses block one side. It is only late May. The garden is lush and lovely. Overgrowth, crowding and mildew are on the way by July. Myrtle, grapes and bee balm are taking over in all directions. Any suggestions before beauty turns beastly.

For now peony and iris are in beautiful bloom.

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