Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Back but Unsteady

It doesn't feel like it's been only 2 weeks since my last post. I have been figuring out my husband's computer and an old Mac from my in-laws we set up. But I am missing the intuitive way I interacted with my laptop. My favorite spot for it was standing at the corner of the kitchen counter (that's probably why I spilled water on it!) Alas, now I'm kneeling by my husband's night table relearning.

I've been busy with Mother's Day. Although I've been a mom for 14 years, Mother's Day doesn't seem to be much about me. I am still the daughter of my Mother and Mother-in-Law. I cooked a lovely brunch for the moms. The menu:
Strawberry bread
Asparagus Fritatta (sp?)
Salad with romaine, cucumber and grapes

We finally hung a swing in the yard. It is a one rope swing hung in the crook of a tree about 30 feet up. A few weeks ago I convinced a cable worker who had been running wires down the road to bring his bucket truck down my driveway and hang a kite string over the branch. My kids thought I was crazy! But he was very kind and not only strung the cord but cut off little branches that would have been in the way below. About a week ago, we tied that kite string to a larger rope and eased it with a few iffy moments over the branch. With the help of a book on knots, the swing was soon ready for action. And has been seeing lots of action since. Here are a couple rather dark pics from the night we hung the swing.

Love those socks.

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6512 and growing said...

I'm on my first dates with a new computer too and also missing the intuitive way my old PC and I got along.
Happy mother's day.