Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Making our Home Earth Friendly

I've been inspired by a couple post from favorite blogs like Beauty that Moves to do a list of things we've changed to help the environment. Alas many of these things we will leave with this house, but we'll take our motivation to keep doing better along with us.

1. Changed most of the lights in the house to CFLs.
2. Plugged TVs, DVD players etc. into power strips.
3. Programmed thermostat keeps house below 60 when we're out of the house, 60 at night, 68 during the day when we're home.
4. New double pane windows now throughout the house. We used to get ice forming on the inside of the windows in the winter.
5. No more plastic wrap.
6. Using vinegar and baking soda for cleaning.
7. Grew vegetables organically in the yard. (Most got eaten by groundhogs).
8. Grew pounds of raspberries on the vines we've nurtured for a decade.
9. Belonged to a CSA for the past 2 years and shared the pickups with a local friend.
10. Carpooled to school with local friends for the last 5 years.
11. Used the library extensively (almost always walked there).
12. Invited many friends with daughters older than mine to share their used clothes. They are happy to find someone eager to use all the gently-worn clothes, and we don't have to buy new.
13. Reducing our waste by buying in bulk, cutting out almost all convenience foods, cooking from scratch, carrying my own bags to the grocery store (actually every store), composting food waste, bringing my own containers for leftovers if we eat out.
14. Home made lunches for everyone in reusable lunchboxes with reusable food containers, thermoses and water bottles.
15. Buying less and less.

The move is generating lots of items for good will/ Red Cross etc., books to the library, clothes to younger cousins and soon a huge garage sale. And unfortunately lots of waste. It is an eye opener about how many things we own. I doubt many new items will enter our new home.

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