Saturday, February 14, 2009

Styled House Ready for the Market

Yesterday the real estate agents came to take photos for the online house listing. They moved furniture and styled. Gosh, I wish they had come 5 years ago, so I could have enjoyed our family room the way they styled it.

Here's our bedroom looking very clean. Where are all the books?

And for those of you who wondered. Here is Jack's whole clean room. No I hadn't just moved the mess to the unseen corners.

To relax from all the change and stress, I dragged Doug on a date last night to the Korean spa my mom goes to. We went swimming then relaxed in the saunas, heating rooms and baths. Relief for my back pain for a while. Then back home to chocolate covered strawberries and champagne. Hope you all have a lovely Valentine's Day. It's our 16th anniversary weekend as well.

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