Sunday, February 1, 2009

Weekend Work

Here are before and after pictures of Renee's room. The before is from her birthday party in late December. I know all the girls reading is super cute, but check out the overwhelming mess of books, dolls, figurines, crafts and mess on that dresser/desk furniture.

Ah, the after (after many hours and many boxes, and much recycling). Fewer books, cleaned off desk (she might even be able to do her homework there. Less clutter. Will it stay this way without my help? Unlikely.

Other work this weekend. A big box of books and clothes ready to send to my sister's kids, 5 bags of books to Boys and Girls club in Paterson, Doug painted the downstairs bathroom. Two boxes of garage sale stuff out of the toy/game closet.

And we even had a little fun. We went to dinner at a friends house last night. Delicious Indian food, yum. And I brought homemade chocolate crackle cookies. Jack and I played in the bell choir at church this morning. Then my mom brought over lox and bagels for brunch. I'm exhausted and ready to sleep through the Super Bowl.

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