Thursday, June 4, 2009


Perhaps this is how it works. When you first find out you're going to have to move, you are sad, uncertain and depressed. By the time you are ready to go, you are so disgusted with the process that you can't wait to move 250 miles away.

Today some workers came and took about 1 cup of dirt out from under two sections of our sidewalk so that the town will give us a certificate of occupancy. I would have taken a before and after picture of the "trippable" sidewalk (the town standard) except that you would have seen no difference except some dirt moved around. There doesn't seem to be any money in it for the inspector or the town, so I can't see why they bothered to fail us for this except to exercise what little power a minor town bureaucrat has. The only worse sucker is the homeowner.

Then I called the alarm company to inform them that we would be moving. They informed me that unless the new buyers take a contract with them, we'll be responsible for a contract until 2012. This is not the company I had do the alarm, but rather a group that bought that company. Well let them come after me. Everyone wants to take their pound of flesh and I have no more to give. I am rubbed raw!

Yet to come, trying to figure out what to do with a flight of rotted stairs in the yard (didn't pass inspection). Closing a CD a week early before we move without losing all the interest and paying penalties. Figuring out how to get our mail and bills when we have no address. Stay tuned for the fun.

Sorry about this post. I am so angry and have no one to vent to.


dccase said...

I drove home, changed my pants, and demolished the stairs. It took 15 minutes.

Andrea said...

You are awesome honey! I would have loved to demolish something. But I was at bell practice handling expensive instruments and driving our kids in the car. Not places for destruction.