Monday, June 1, 2009

Many Endings

So many endings, and soon a new beginning. But first the endings:

Today was my last Monday library day. I'll read for the red, blue and pm classes on Thursday (Shirley Hughes, always my favorite story teller for the last library week of school). I've been coordinating the library program at my kids' school for 3 years. It's been so much fun introducing kids to great stories and seeing many of them become readers and book lovers. Some even learn my name, although most say "hi, librarian" with lots of excitement when they see me. Among the books that have been favorites with the kids and me:
Superhero ABC by Bob Mcleod
Mouse Mess by Linnea Riley
Leo Leoni stories, especially Fredric
Papa Get the Moon for Me by Eric Carle
Actual Size and other animal nonfiction books by Steve Jenkins
Leaf Man by Lois Ehlert
I Can Read with My Eyes Shut & Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss
Duck on a Bike & The Rain Came Down by David Shannon
and so many more.
Alas my kids have outgrown most picture books. Being in the library let me hold onto those special moments reading to young children a little longer. It's been a pleasure.

The neighbors are having a goodbye barbecue for us this weekend. It should be fun and sad. The neighbor who is hosting the party has been a parenting mentor for me. Her lovely girls are 21 and 18 now. When we moved here, the little one was 2. I was the fun young woman down the street who would swing the little girls in circles on the lawn after I got off the bus from work. By the time Renee was born (she's 8), there were 14 children on our dead end with 9 houses. The kids spent time biking, swinging, exploring the woods, blowing bubbles and playing with chalk, playing ball games, and learning how to get along.

Another goodbye, this past weekend was my 25th high school reunion. It is probably the last time I will see many of these people. There was even a memorial service for 3 women who had passed away (2 of whom were close friends). The reunion has added to the feeling of closure I'm having with this place, a symbol of time passing. Bergen County, NJ is the place I grew up, endured my parents' divorce, went to high school, came back to live with my husband, had my children. My mother still lives here in the house I grew up in. It's less than a half hour from where I live now. Soon, I will have to make new friends, figure out new places to shop, eat, play. Today I find places through instinct. I learned to drive on these roads. Now I'll need a GPS and so much more to find my way.

Andrea, senior year of high school (I love this picture).

Andrea and Doug, at my 25th high school reunion.

I've changed so much, grown so much.
I hope I've learned how to make a new place my home.

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