Friday, June 26, 2009

Things are LOOKING UP

Firstly, it seems a little strange viewing the photo of our old house on the top of this blog. It's sinking in that someone else lives there now and I won't be back. In about a month I'll put a picture of our new house. Perhaps I'll change it before then.

Secondly, yesterday I submitted the red sky photo to the Look Up Challenge at Apples for Poppy Anne. She challenges creative souls to make interesting photos on a theme and submit them. Yesterday we took a National Park Ranger tour walking through downtown Boston. Did you know there was a National Park there? I didn't. But we walked on parts of the Freedom trail and saw where the ideas of the American Revolution were debated, where the Boston Massacre fueled the fires of freedom, and Paul Revere rode. I was Looking UP.

Here is a statue of Samuel Adams in front of Faneuil Hall. Sam Adams was a brave revolutionary and a master propagandist. His rousing of the populace, staging of provocations of the British soldiers, and promotion of his view of events did much to foment the Boston Tea Party and Boston Massacre. Freedom fighters/Rioters/Terrorists... it all depends on your point of view in any age.

On on a lighter note we headed through the North End of Boston. The Italians still celebrate their saints in the streets and in the skies.

Thirdly, as you can see, after 6 days the sun has finally come out. We had a terrific day. We went back to the rainy fountain we had visited a few days before only this time it was a lot more fun.

After the walking tour, lunch in the North End. Jack and I shared tomato & mozzarella salad and a spinach/salami calzone. Renee had pasta with butter (she lives on this now).

Then some lucious deserts from Mike's famous Italian pastry shop. Cannolis and Eclaires anyone?

Much splashing in the fountain:

Doug walked over from work to share a bit of cannoli.

And finally drying out before we walked back to the hotel.

Overall, an awesome day.

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