Thursday, June 25, 2009

Raining Buckets in Boston

Here is the view at night from our hotel balcony. The vertical red lights indicate bad weather. We haven't seen them any other color. Behind the lights would be the Prudential building if it wasn't hidden by mist.

The rain may subside today after 6 straight days. But we've made the best of it. Since being in Boston we've visited both the kids' new schools in Wayland and the Wayland library. We even found the Wayland Whole Foods. Now I can feel at home.

We've revisited the Boston Aquarium, saw Doug's office, went to the MIT museum (so many cool kinetic sculptures by Arthur Ganson), and spent some time in a great used bookstore where we purchased a book on making great sandcastles. We'll try it out next week at the beach house we're renting in Marshfield. And the best thing to do in rainy Boston, visit a giant fountain in the greenway where I93 used to cut through the city (thanks Big Dig).

And finally celebrate a moment without rain with smoothies from Faneuil Hall.

We've also spent too much time in a hotel room, but escaped every day to the hotel pool. I also thought I'd be happy not to cook for a month. But I'm missing it. Restaurant food is salty, fatty and expensive. We are limited in the kind of restaurants we can visit because Renee is quite a picky eater. I'm sticking with oatmeal at the hotel breakfast to make sure I have at least one healthy meal. Next week we'll have a kitchen. Hooray.


... said...

wow...rainbound in a hotel room in June...can life be anymore challenging! Thanks for visiting my blog. Here's hoping you find some good food soon!

Andrea said...

Thanks for the comment above. Hope you come back for the next day's post. Finally some sunshine and good food.